Are you jealous?

Comparison or Jealously is triggered by other people results. And the internal belief that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you. HONESTLY, YOU WOULDN’T BE JEALOUS OF OTHER PEOPLE, IF YOU BELIEVED YOU COULD DO IT TOO. IF YOU BELIEVED YOU COULD HAVE IT NOW. Your belief in lack - is triggered by others success. Because now you’re trying to figure out what is so special about the other person. Why do they get to have it? Why can’t you have it? Why aren’t you good enough? Your insecurities rush to the surface. And its your responsibility to heal. To fix whats going on. IF you believed (that everything was working out for you, you are always get what you want) - you would be celebrating their success. You would be happy for them. There results would be an indicator of what is possible for you. Manifesting and Abundance is REAL. But honestly, it doesn’t always happen that way. I’ve definitely been jealous of a few coaches online and mentally talked shit about them but they were still making more money than me and having more fun. So I didn’t see the point. It’s almost like it flipped a switch in me that said LAKISHA STEP YOUR SHIT UP. You’re better than this. And I did. I stopped focusing on them and what they achieved and focused on me. I spent them love and showed myself some compassion before I 10X the shit. You should too, look at there life for it is - an example of what is available for you in this ABUNDANT UNIVERSE. Name it and claim it.  


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