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Are you a conceited bitch?

Today is the day you decide if you’re gonna continue to be basic or BECOME A CONCEITED BITCH!

CONCEITED BITCHES aren’t afraid to ask for what she wants because she knows her Sugar Daddy (Universe) never disappoints.

She doesn’t have to question if she’s worthy or if now is the right time - because she KNOWS it’s ALWAYS the right time.

It’s ALWAYS her winning season.

Even if she can’t see it yet, things are shifting and she maneuvers through life like as the problem is already solved, because it will be.

And there’s no need to break a sweat about it.

When I decided to become a CONCEITED BITCH I broke up with feelings of unworthiness and started to EXPECT GOOD SHIT TO HAPPEN FOR ME AND IT DID!

I started going viral online (10k tik tok followers overnight)

I quit my job and started a business

I moved to another country (Mexico) into a luxury apartment

I attracted a man who just wanted to nourish me and feed my soul

And most importantly I started feeling comfortable in my body, oozing confidence and feminine energy to live a life of ease, freedom and PLEASURE 💦

And that’s what I’m offering you in CONCEITED BITCH 5 week baddie bootcamp giving you the opportunity to move away from doubt and self sabotage and into the confident bish you were born to be.

One who isn’t afraid of going after the job, sending the risky text, setting the boundary or raising her standards.

Because she sees herself in the HIGHEST regards and accepts nothing less than she desires.

Embodying Main Character energy in every space she enters because she belongs there.

She knows who the fuck she is and she doesn’t care about anyones opinion or needs their validation.

She’s the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE and she’s coming for everything she wants !!

And getting it!

Baddie Bootcamp starts 4/11 you coming to okay?

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