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Are you choosing to live in fear?

When I got the download to start doing yoga, I signed up for a Core Power in LA the same day.

When I got the download to go to Yoga Teacher Training, I was on a Flight to NYC within 2 weeks and the program paid in full. I figured out how to come up with the money last minute.

When I wanted to teach my first yoga class, I hosted the event the same week.

I've taught over 30 people in the first month of getting my certification.

I do what I say I am going to do, even when it's scary.

I was scared to travel the world alone, so I applied for a job teaching yoga at a hotel in Nicaragua. Then the pandemic came and shut everything down. But my desire didn’t go away.

So I manifested someone with more experience to travel the world with me and we’ve lived in Miami, 9 months in Mexico and now I’m planning our move to Nicaragua.


Even if I am scared, I do it anyway.

Because once I do it, I won’t be scared anymore. It will just be second nature to me!

And I don’t tell you all of these things to brag and make it seem like things have been easy for me because they haven’t. When I started my business I struggled. I wasn’t the girl who made 6 figures in 6 months or even the first 2 years. I blamed myself and question my worth so much in the beginning of my business.

I wanted to give up so many times, but I just couldn’t. My SOUL wouldn’t let me. I wanted it ALL too badly. This was the life I had dreamed about since I was a little kid. This is the life I STILL dream about.

I would ask myself everyday, could a girl from the projects (low income housing) of NYC really become a successful entrepreneur (Life Coach) when she dropped out of college and doesn’t actually know any business owners.


No matter how scared or unworthy I felt - I knew it was my calling. I wasn’t meant to have a 9-5, asking permission to go on vacations two weeks out the year - if I earn it. I was destined for so much more. The more uncomfortable I got at work, the more my boss became a dickhead ultimately, making it easier for me to quit.

When I put in my two weeks notice and told him I was becoming a life coach and moving to LA, he laughed in my face and told me I would be back in a few months, begging for my job. And I really started to doubt myself - I had no idea what the hell I was doing. But it was like the steps continued to be laid out for me.

I messaged a friend who I hadn’t seen in years if I could sleep on her couch for a few weeks (paying rent of course) while I got a feel for things in LA to see if I really liked it because I had actually never left home before.

The day of my flight, I had no one to drive me to the airport and I hopped in a taxi, eyes filled with water, saying goodbye to the ONLY life I had ever known. I always wanted to live in LA, since Lauren Conrad left Laguna Beach for the Hills. But I was too afraid. But I kept telling myself I would be okay, I am a smart girl and could figure out whatever came my way.

Maybe I wasn’t ready when I first had the dream at 16 but I was 26 at the time and I had gained so much life wisdom - I was ready. I absolutely loved LA! I built the most beautiful connections and grew tremendously in ways that staying in NYC could have never happened.

Once I stopped putting off my dreams, it became a snowball effect to becoming the person I was always met to be. The first few steps were terrifying but it got easier along the way. Although, still uncomfortable - it was easier to walk on faith - knowing that I was following my truth. Living in my purpose.

That is what I want for you but you continue to PUT OFF for tomorrow (even next month) the steps you are being shown right now.

You aren’t trusting your intuition or your heart.

Do you think God, Angels, and Universe just gave you this dream vision to torture you or because you’re capable of actually having it?

Yeah, really think about that.

You have to be WILLING and READY to give up your old life, to make room for your new one.

At some point (preferably now) you have to do more than just daydream and writing out wish list - you actually have to do something about it. TRUSTING AND KNOWING THAT YOU ARE BEING GUIDED AND EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD - even if it doesn’t feel that way in the beginning.

The time is now to step out of your comfort zone and LIVE the life of your dreams.