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Are you in Survival mode?

The truth is your parents really fuck you up!

They made you believe you needed to hustle, out work and out smart everyone in the room just to win.

Now it’s no surprise that you don’t feel WORTHY of the things you desire, you compare yourself to other people and you’re constantly burning out!

Your energy is leaking in a million and one places and it’s all for nothing. Because you aren’t even enjoying the life you created.

You’re stuck in survival mode and you can’t stop to smell the roses.

You had to wash the dishes every night just to get your allowance at the end of the week and the dishes never stopped piling up - so you never got a break.

Just like you don’t now.

You gotta earn everything.

Breaking your back just to get scraps.

And it’s exhausting.

I’m exhausting literally just thinking of how HARD I use to work and still have no money, no man, no fun and tired all the damn time.

My emotional, energetic and physical body was running on E but I didn’t know to change it - the weight of the world was on my shoulders and I don’t know how it even got there.

But I knew I was only taught to survive and work hard. And I didn’t want that for myself anymore.

So I started doing yoga - practicing surrender (urge to walk out doing Savasana because what’s the point) I always felt like I needed to be busy.

My days was filled with mundane tasks that in no way helped me manifest the life of my dreams.

Yoga became an everyday practice and life got a little better. Then I started doing shadow work around my fears of abandonment and rejection that was keeping me in a cycle of desperation and panic.

And boom I hit the jackpot - I was repelling everything because I didn’t feel GOOD ENOUGH to have it.

Because as a business owner there is no real measurement of what a good job is - so when I didn’t get the clients I felt broken - rejected.

Or when a guy didn’t call me back - I felt abandoned.


Because my worth wasn’t attached to my bank account, my relationship statues or anything else.

Even though my childhood made me believe other wise. Because a dirty room makes a “worthless child” who won’t have nice things!

And it’s time you UNLEARN that shit.

So you can return home to the TRUTH that you were born worthy and there is nothing you have to do to earn it. And there is nothing you can do to change that.

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