Are you setting Basic Bitch Goals?

A Basic Bitch Goal is vague as fuck.

Lacking the clarity and confidence needed to create REAL change.

A Basic Bitch Goal list would look something like this:

“ I need more money in my life because I’m tired of struggling to pay my bills. I need money, right now. My job keeps giving me the run around with my raise and I’m over it. I need to look for a new job, I know I keep saying it but this time I’m serious.

I need a man in my life because fuck boys have been screwing me over for the past 5 years and my heart can’t take it anymore, I need love. I want someone who is going to call me back.”

Those aren’t goals, that’s just complaining and wishful thinking.

A goal is a clear concise aim or desired result. Saying I want more money is BASIC AF because WDF does that even mean? How much is more?