Ascension is sexy

Updated: Aug 16

ASCENSION begins when a woman is fully present in her body. 

Connected to the sway of her hips, the rise of her breast in every breath and the softness of her skin. 

She’s turned on by life (by herself). 

No longer weighed down by the opinions of others or her own self doubt.  

No longer numbing or disconnecting from her reality because she has transcended the darkness into LIGHT. 

Dancing with her shadows to make room for new sensations (energy) of pleasure in the body. 

The woman that is ready to ASCEND into more love, more intimacy, more wealth and more pleasure is a DANGEROUS WOMAN! 

She cannot be tamed. 

She cannot be manipulated. 

She cannot be stopped. 

She is ascending through time and space making her every wish fulfilled with the snap a finger. 

She is magnetic. 

She is activated. 


ASCENSION MEMBERSHIP is where I teach you how to be DANGEROUS and create a life of your wildest dreams. 

Creating an environment for woman to FEEL AGAIN. We have become so disconnected from our bodies that we make it harder to manifest because we can’t feel the feelings of what we want. 

I believe how we do one thing is how we do everything so as an embodiment coach my role is helping you FEEL comfortable, safe and OPEN to more wealth, more love, more fame, more you. 

Guiding you back home to your own wisdom and power to create a life that’s better than your dreams. I will provide bi weekly trainings and unlimited group support to help nourish your creativity and passions. 

Ascension is the place where you dream big and walk the path of least resistance because you embodied and open to more.

I specialize in EFT tapping, breathwork and movement along with traditional coaching to help the ladies ascend. It is a 3 month minimum commitment. 

Per month is $111 

If you agree flat out to the 3 months is discounted to $250. 

Let me know if you have any questions or need more info. 


Coach Lakisha 

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