Confessions of a recovering people pleaser

I have always been mindful of my actions and how they affect others. Even at the expense of myself and what is best for me because I want to make other people happy.

So I would agree to DO things when I really didn't want too or I would apologize even though I wasn't sorry, just to keep the peace.

I would ask myself "if someone did this too you, how would you feel?" and that would decide what I do next. Except I didn't always get the same treatment back. People would make tons of noise, talk loudly on the phone, and never consider my feelings in any of their decisions.

And I became resentful.

I became angry because other people didn't care about my feelings and I didn't know how to handle it. Because if I said something 1. It could cause a conflict 2. I wouldn't be liked or the person may abandoned me So I've spent most of my life, tip toeing around other people's feelings and disappointed in myself for not speaking up and putting my needs first.