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Do you have an employee mindset?

Before I started my coaching business, I use to be a Manager at a storage company in NYC.

This company would easily make a million dollars a month (paying the staff pennies but whatever) - I learned a lot working there, especially about how to people and how they spend money.

People were paying outrageous amounts of money for stuff KEEP stuff they barely used but wanted to hold onto. They were willing to pay whatever for movers and supplies just so they didn’t have to do any of the lifting themselves - no matter how easy.

They PAID us to solve their problems.

They were happy to do it.

No matter the cost.

Even signed up for autopay.

I took a mental note of HOW people easily spent their money on things that mattered to them.

Yet, when I started my business I seemed to have forgotten that lesson. I was still in an employee mindset.

I’d left the job making about $15 an hour without a degree to sit on my ass most of the day - so when I started charging $35 a session for coaching - I thought I hit it big!

I was so excited to talk about my services and was constantly doing lives all the time YET I barely made any money.

I worked so hard just to get one or two people to say yes, that even though I was making more an hour, It wasn’t enough to cover my bills.

I struggled a lot especially because I had quit my Job and moved from NYC to LA and was paying more in rent.

I took the leap and I was waiting for things to come together. I was doing my affirmations, showing up on live (afraid and all), daily meditations and even tracking my money.

Nothing seemed to shift. I even started riding my bus just to save money on ubers. I finally learned to cook to stop eating out - things were challenging for me.

But I never gave up.

And then it clicked for me.

I needed to stop seeing myself as an employee or struggling business owner - I needed to BE the powerful healer i was born to be!

I needed to feel SAFE being seen.

Comfortable sharing my truth and being vulnerable because the work I do requires a safe space for my clients.

I needed to see myself as the go to HEALER, who was solving my clients problem. Not something I needed to convince them to buy.

But a service that they couldn’t imagine going another day without. I needed to be comfortable selling myself, the same way I was those storage units and boxes.

And I did. My identity shifted.

I still remember making my first big sale a 2k package and how much I cried - I was so happy. That I was being paid to do work that I loved.

I was finally comfortable speaking about money and confidently saying my prices. I was no longer an employee and was finally a BIG BOSS!

I felt SAFE in who I am and what I bring to the table as a coach and healer. I needed to come to terms with my past and all that I was avoiding.

I was unclear of what success could feel like because all I ever knew was struggle and pain. Struggle was familiar and sadly expected for me.

And when I finally stopped running from the pain of my past, thinking my clients would abandoned me, the same way my father did - I was able to call in clients and do powerful work.

But I needed FEEL the pains of my struggles, so I could release them and introduce myself to abundance and safety.

Regulating my nervous system from scratch.

Anchoring in love, intimacy, emotional intelligence, wealth and self worth/esteem.

I went from a caterpillar to a butterfly - attracting to me, everything I desired.

I built myself up on a solid foundation and soared!

It’s deeper than affirmations and bubble baths. It’s the ENERGETICS behind receiving your dream life. Getting the emotional blocks out of the way.

In my 6 month group coaching container METAMORPHOSIS that exactly what I’ll be helping you do.

For 6 months you’ll have unlimited access to my brain, my somatic healing tools and an inner circle of supportive women.

- 1 Live Group Zoom Coaching call where YOU will have 1-1 support from me each month

- 1 Live Somatic call where I will be guiding you through breathwork, tapping, theta healing or somatic movement practice

- Heart Activation Breast Massage Workshop

- Coaching support in between calls from myself and words of wisdom from the other ladies

( Because everyone who joins my program has something valuable to offer).

- Personalized meditation

METAMORPHOSIS is a time for transformation and rebirth

Reintroducing yourself not only to the world but to YOURSELF.

Stepping into the darkness of your past - the root causes of your feelings of unworthiness, financial wows, lack of confidence and self love.

In this program you don’t have to put on a brave face and pretend everything is fine.

It’s okay to NOT be okay.

This is about feeling your feelings DEEPLY so you can heal and release the emotional charge and return to your truth.

Metamorphosis is coming home party.

Coming home to sensual pleasure and freedom.

Being the goddess you were born to be!!

Program begins November 1st.

Early bird pricing available now for 5k

Payment plans are available.

Two scholarships options are open to POC WOMEN and single mothers.

Early bird ends 10/20

Here is the link to schedule a call to chat further with me about the program

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