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EFT: Releasing Toxic Attachments

I don’t think I understood until about a year ago that it wasn’t as much about toxic men choosing ME but ME also choosing them.

Choosing to ignore the red flags and fall in love with their potential. Because I was craving love and attention. So I CHOOSE to stick around in hopes that he would love me - the way I needed to be loved.

And now I can see that I didn’t have a clear understanding of what love actually looked like - so when I heard those 3 powerful words ( I LOVE YOU) I automatically accepted it as truth.

Even though the actions didn’t line up.

And I know you can relate to this.

We have all stayed in toxic Relationships (business, romantic, friendships, family) in hope of receiving the love and support we desire, only to come up short and question what to do next.

And I’m here to remind you that BETTER is available to you whenever you are ready to receive it. But you’re gonna have to make space for it.

You can’t call in more if you’re overworked and overwhelmed with what you have now. Stop being afraid of taking out the trash - it’s funky and it smells bad. It isn’t doing you any good.

Let it go.

Here is a quick 60 second video I recorded to help you begin releasing toxic attachments to your previous relationships using EFT.


Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT) is physiological acupuncture method, allowing you to tap on various parts of the body and release stagnant energy that is caused by emotional and physical pain. The method was created by Gary Craig and you can think about acupuncture and how they use needles to bring the body back to alignment (Chi), EFT is just like that, but replace the needles with your fingers.

Using the index and middle finger to tap on each point while repeating the phrases to minimize the emotional charge in the body.

Tap where I tap, say what I say

Top of the head: How much pain can one person take

Eyebrow: I’ve been beaten down

Side of the eye: Broken down

Under the eye: All because I choose the wrong men

Under the nose: I am attracted to toxic partners

Chin: And when I think about my old relationships

Collar bone: And how they said they love me

Under the arm: I know that their actions showed me otherwise

Top of the head: But I ignored the red flags

Eyebrow: And I romanticized the love

Side of the eye: thinking of how I wanted it to be

Under the eye: Instead of how it really is

Under the nose: And now I see the flaws in that

Chin: And I am choosing to do things differently now

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