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He taught me to LOVE ME AGAIN

I still remember the first time I told my Ex I love you.

It was three months into us dating and I was falling hard for this man. He was unlike any guy I had ever met. And apart of me was scared to love him.

But I felt SAFE around him and not just physically but EMOTIONALLY like I could truly let my walls down and be myself. We discuss any and everything from my daddy issues to my dreams.

He’s the reason I learned how to cook.

He motivated me to go after my dreams and even bought me the Mac Book to get me started.

He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

He spoke life back into me. He’s the only man I ever lived with.

And when he ghosted me (& had a baby), my world fell apart.

I placed him on a pedestal and even when he did wrong, I took him back but this time he was the one who choose to leave.

For years I was devastated and ANGRY but now looking back, I’m glad he did because I didn’t have the strength to leave.

Even though I KNEW I deserved better, I kept hoping he would be the one to give it to me.

But today is our “anniversary” and even though we don’t speak anymore , I am forever grateful for our relationship because through all the pain - I learned how to love myself.

Phoenix rising from the ashes.

I’m happy I met him because it lead me to finding the REAL ME. Version of me who feels whole and worthy AF.

I was attracting toxic partners and I finally LEARNED my lesson with him. He wasn’t suppose to be my forever by my teacher!

People are sent into our lives to be our teachers.

Ladies, even though your relationship may not have worked out, look at what it taught you. And how you can HEAL and evolve to your higher self!

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