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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Here is your permission slip.

To be exactly who you want to be.

To say exactly what you want to say.

To do exactly what you want to do.

And not give a flying fuck what anyone else has to say.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who don’t FULLY feel comfortable being themselves. Women who are hiding behind who their parents, partner, friends, and society wants them to be.

They are so afraid of judgment and failure that they talk themselves out of FULLY living and experiencing pleasure.

Wasting so much time and energy being someone there not.

Frankly, being a boring basic bish.

Who is scared of her power.

Scared of shaking shit up. Scared of abandonment. Scared of her truth. Scared of FEELING.

She’s numb. She has a to-do list of shit to get down and she’s just mechanically going through life.

Disconnected AF.

She’s been numb for so freaking long that the idea of feeling anything scares the shit out of her.

She doesn’t cry. She just rages, complains, and then puts on a brave face to get shit done.

She plays small. She hides.

She shrinks herself to make others comfortable.

Does that sound familiar?

Trust me I get it.

I didn’t feel much of anything in my 20s. I spent my days chasing boys, waiting to clock out of work, downing fireball shots, and pretending everything was okay. But when I got home I re-watched sad episodes of Grey’s Anatomy just so I could feel something.

I had experienced so much wild shit by the time I was 25 that the only way I could connect to my emotions was by watching fictional characters die on tv.

Riddled with anxiety and constantly waiting for the worst-case scenario to happen.

I was numb. Which means I couldn’t fully experience pleasure.

When things would go good in my life I couldn’t enjoy it. I didn’t believe it would last long.

It didn’t feel safe to be happy.

The truth is when you shut yourself off from feeling pain - you’ve also shut out pleasure.

Make sense?

Are you numb? Do you remember the last time you cried? Or was just genuinely happy? A deep sense of gratitude?

For the past few years, you’ve just been bottling up your emotions until you EXPLODE.

You’re a ticking time bomb.

And I don’t blame you.

You’ve been through so much heavy shit and no one has ever stopped to check in and see how you’re doing. In the past, your emotions and experiences have been ignored, dismissed, or belittled. And now because you manage to do everyday life shit - people pat you on the back and tell you how strong you are.

When all you want to do is break down and cry.

You want a safe space to release the ton of bricks (shame, rage, unworthiness) that you’ve been carrying around. You NEED to feel seen, heard, and supported as you move through life.

You NEED to feel safe, protected, and supported.

You want to enjoy life without the burden of the past sneaking up on you.

You want to experience FULL BODY PLEASURE and that means enjoying all aspects of your life. Feeling magnetic when you wake up in the morning, knowing that the Universe is your wishing well - ready to make your wildest dreams come true.

You NEED freedom to explore your sensuality and purpose.

You NEED to discover the world on your terms.

And I have just the solution for that.

METAMORPHOSIS 6-month LIVE group mentorship

Where you will SHED your skin leaving behind who the world thought you should be and STEPPING INTO WHO YOU ARE MEANT TO BE.

Reclaiming your sensual power and harnessing the darkness of your past to DESIGN the life of your dreams. Because you ALREADY know what isn’t working and it’s time you danced with life and figured out what WORKS BEST for you.

On your terms.

Metamorphosis is the process of you moving from a caterpillar into your cocoon - doing the internal shadow work to be born again as a beautiful Butterfly.

FEELING PAIN AND PLEASURE - knowing that the past does not define you.

In this container, you’ll have the space and tools to process traumatic experiences from your childhood so that you can begin to release the energetic hold it has on your present life.

Because we are NEVER not manifesting and if you don’t have the life you desire it’s because a piece of you (subconscious mind) wants to keep you safe. You’ve been through enough and the fear of the UNKNOWN is enough to keep you right where you are.


Because it doesn’t feel SAFE to feel or experience pleasure - it’s foreign to you.

With the help of EFT tapping, Theta healing, Breathwork, and somatic movement you will learn how to master your emotions, regulate your nervous system and FEEL safe in your body and pleasure.

  • Monthly live group coaching call where you will receive individual coaching and support from me. Plus the support of the Goddess in the group

  • Monthly Masterclass using one of my healing modalities to give you the TOOLS to create boundaries, open your chakras, feel ground, and manifest your wildest dreams.

  • Daily access to support through the private group to ask any and everything that may be coming up for you.

Chanting affirmations and creating vision boards just isn’t enough anymore. No more bandaids on third-degree burns - we’re stepping into the darkness of your shadow self.

Because your subconscious mind isn’t buying (believing) any of that bullshit. There’s too much resistance and Metamorphosis is your opportunity to clean that shit up.

Getting to the ROOT cause of your energetic and emotional blockages.

And if you haven’t quite figured out what that is yet - it’s feeling.


When you don’t feel safe, worthy, and connected to your mind, body, and higher self - it’s damn near impossible to manifest what you want.



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