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My Reality is bigger than Harlem

I grew up in the projects of Harlem with the smell of pee in the elevator.

But if you asked me where I live I would tell you a HIGH RISE BUILDING above Central Park with a glamours view of Midtown.

And I wouldn’t be lying.

I did live in a tall building on the 10th floor, two blocks away from Central Park and the upper East Side. So the only thing separating me from wealth was two blocks and a different mindset.

So that’s exactly what I adapted.

The homeless man who stood in front of the building everyday became my door man, because every time I walked in or out he greeted me and helped with my bags.

He even gets me birthday gifts every year!

I spent time exploring NYC in different wealthy neighborhoods- riding the subway. Reminding myself that even wealthy people in NYC ride the train.

Miranda from S3X and the city takes the subway in real life - so it was good enough for me.

I decided that there was so much more to life than Harlem. I didn’t need to limit myself or my dreams. Even though I couldn’t afford to go away to college, I still traveled and had new experiences.

I’ve been to Miami more times than I can count, I’ve been to Dominican Republic, Italy, Dubai, Greece, Cancun and even the Bahamas.

My world is so much bigger than my project apartment. That now as I lay in my Queen size bed in my 3 story apartment in Mexico, I’m grateful for the little girl who dreamed big.

I’m grateful for my childhood because it allowed me to envision a world outside of what I could see, touch, taste, and smell.

I was willing to walk away from everything that was familiar to me. The only home I had known to create a NEW life for myself in a country where I barely speak the language.

My anxiety almost got the best of me but I have the tools to help me maneuver through the UNKNOWN. And honestly they help so much.

I no longer have to be afraid and neither do you.

If you’re ready to have a METAMORPHOSIS experience of full body transformation- I have a 6 month live group coaching program for you.

Moving you through your shadow world of repressed emotions, anxiety and unworthiness to a place of safety, connection and PLEASURE. Creating a life that you’re excited to be living.

6 months of unlimited support so you can finally feel seen, heard and supported as you are REBORN into the sensual Goddess you were destined to be.


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