Now that I am a self made millionaire

I totally dropped the ball this past week and I think I had food poisoning or something because my stomach has been in knots.

But I’m starting to feel like myself today so I pulled out my journal and wrote as I drank my morning Detox juice.

And I wanted to share today’s journaling prompts with you because I care and I want you to get excited about journaling too. Because our brain is much more powerful than we give it credit for - if you ask it a question, it will ALWAYS provide an answer.

We typically just ask it the wrong questions, like what's wrong with me or why isn't anything working and our brain is to provide you with answers even if it makes you feel like crap. But when you flip the question around and begin to ask things positively - you'll be impressed with what it says.

So let's begin, grab your journal and start writing.

1. How would having one million dollars in your bank account today change your life?

Wow, it feel incredible to look in my bank