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Universe wants to spoil me

Life is a fucking ALL you can eat buffet.

And the sooner you stop questioning your WORTH and just decide that you being BORN makes you innately worthy - the sooner God will deliver love, money and pleasure.

Money wants to support you.

Men want to spoil you.

Life gets to be filled with as many ⭕️rgasms as you 💦can handle.

Whenever you’re ready for the switch.

When I stopped identifying as a daddy less daughter with a fear of rejection, I stopped attracting BOYS who didn’t value or respect me.

When I stopped identifying as a struggling entrepreneur, I stopped attracting clients who couldn’t pay my rates.

Because HOW I choose to identity myself determines the energy I send out into the world and what I am given in return.

And because I know my past struggles with love, men and everything else doesn’t DETERMINE what I am WORTHY of receiving now, things just fall into place for me.

Clients who have only seen my content once hire me. Men who like my smile, want to spoil me. Money just appears on the ground at my feet. Good things are CONSTANTLY happening for me.

The best way I can describe it is being in FLOW.

A continual stream of PLEASURE.

No longer accepting the bare minimum and confidently asking for what I want and expecting to receive it.

By doing the internal work to SHIFT my energy and identity to be one of ease, pleasure and FLOW.

I changed how I see myself and the world had NO choice but to respond. And truth be told it isn’t rocket science - it’s EMBODIMENT.

Not just spewing a bunch of affirmations but believing it on a cellular level and watching your life UPGRADE 🧲

That’s why my clients come to me.

To get in FLOW.

You see it in my life, my content, and my experiences.

I am FLOW.

I’m the Bitch you hire when you’re tired of living a basic boring life that you need a vacation from.

I am ready to show you HOW good life can really be - once you tap into your OWN stream of pleasure.

On 7/15 I will be guiding a group of baddies through a 8 week process to embody FLOW.

Early bird $777 Ends 7/7

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