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Do you want more?

I have a question for you...

Can you really miss out on something better, if you didn’t know better existed?

Because I’ve traveled the world and experience beautiful countries like Italy, Greece, Dubai and even Mexico but it never crossed my mind that I COULD actually live there.

I didn’t even know it was an option.

Until 2019 when I was in Yoga teacher training and we were talking about my love for travel and she suggested I apply to yoga jobs abroad (once I get my license) to help make the transition of me traveling easier and cheaper.

And honestly, before that conversation I had never even thought about it. But within a few months I was accepting a position to teach yoga at a hotel in Nicaragua and preparing to move before the world shut down.

Yet, once the seed was planted of me leaving the states even in lock down - I knew I had to find another way. So I made a friend who was already a pro at traveling the world. So I packed by bags and here I am two years into my Mexican adventure happier than ever before.

But I can’t help but wonder HOW much PLEASURE do we miss out on just out of pure ignorance?

Because the world is filled with a million possibilities but if the seed being being planted - HOW CAN YOU KNOW BETTER EXIST?

How can you imagine a world you didn’t know existed?

How can you begin to call it in?

How can you begin to ascend?

Because as a Black American growing up on welfare in a single parent home, me traveling the world using my 2 weeks vacations seemed like my Ancestors wildest dreams come true.

Because that was as far as my imagination could take me at the time but the more doors came open for me - the more leaps I took.

The more adventures I was prepared to go on.

Not just with travel but even with love.

Growing up I didn’t see healthy demonstrations of love so it’s no wonder I dated men who ghosted me and didn’t value me but the more my KNOWLEDGE expanded - the more I was able to shift my perspective.

Learning that what I witnessed growing up wasn’t the standard or all that was available - so I was able to raise the bar and expect more for my partners and myself.

And that required ASCENSION.

Me opening myself up to a whole new foreign world that looked nothing like my childhood or anything I knew to be true.

Once the seed of possibility was planted I mustered up the courage, imagination and the resiliency to make it all happen for myself.

And I did it alone with people thinking I was crazy and that it would never work.

Even though I’m happy I didn’t allow their limiting beliefs to hold me back I wish I had a stronger support system cheering me on and helping me live out my dreams.

So that what I’ve decided to create for you.

An online community of INNOVATORS who are crazy enough to dream big (in love, money, travel and pleasure).

Because nothing is off limits and nothing is too wild to dream.

Ascension Membership is where those dreams will come to life.

With bi weekly trainings and live group coaching I’ll be youre biggest cheerleader. Giving you the tools YOU NEED to overcome your own doubts and limitations that tell you better is an option.

You’ll learn how to become wildly magnetic and call in a life of pleasure with ease. Expanding your imagination 100x over of what is possible (right now) by getting your emotional and energetic body on board to make it easier than you’ve imagined.

Ascension is $111 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment.

Doors open 8/10

Hope to see you there.

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