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What are you waiting for?

You’ve been complaining about starting a podcast for months now and have yet to do anything about it!

You’re making excuses about not knowing what to talk about like you don’t rant on the internet all fucking day!

You make excuses about not having equipment as if you don’t order Amazon packages to your house every damn day and could very well buy a mic!

You make excuses after excuse - ultimately self sabotaging believing it’s a waste of time to start because no one will listen!

When there are plenty of bullshit podcasts that have no business being on Spotify with thousands of downloads and you have the nerve to think no one will care!


Girl there is a market for everyone.

And your people are ready for you to stop being a cunt and believe in yourself! She’s ready to hear your stories, she’s ready for you to be bold and inspire her in ways she didn’t even know were possible.

It’s time for you to take the training wheels off and become the CONCEITED BITCH you were born to be!


Conceited Bitch is a 5 week live group coaching program where I help you smash limiting beliefs around showing up powerfully on and offline.

Going from shy and anxious to wildly magnetic (attracting love, money, ease and pleasure) on your terms.

Each week I’ll give you practical and somatic activities (like EFT TAPPING or breast massage) to help you anchor in your divine feminine energy.

Calling in a life of ease, freedom and power - I’ll be teaching you how I use my womb wisdom to design a life I don’t need a vacation from.

You will have access to ask me personalized questions and receive support and tools to help you boost your magnetism 🧲.

Bootcamp will be an intimate group so you have time to pick my brain and be supported by the other ladies in the group.

If you’re ready to ooze confidence and receive with ease - I’d love to have you.

Sale price is currently $777

Payment plans available

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