What is the ULTIMATE truth?

It might feel true that I’ll only ever have just enough money to pay my bills. 

It might feel true that I’ll never find my soulmate because I attract unhealthy relationships. 

It might feel true that I’m never going to make it out of this city. 

It might feel true that I am unworthy of my desires. 

It might feel true that things are never going to change. 


None of it is. 

Truth is I am worthy of my desires. I am worthy of love, money and happiness. 

Truth is I live in an abundant Universe with endless possibilities that are available to me (always). 

Truth is I can be, do and have anything I want. 

I wish I could say I never believed those things but I would be lying. I didn’t feel worthy, smart enough and felt like I should be grateful for what I do have. 

But I wanted more and I knew it wasn’t meant for me to settle. And I know deep down you feel the same way.

You feel like you’re backed into a corner, surrounded by limitations. Complied with a million and one reasons why you CAN’T succeed. Why success and happiness isn’t possible for you and it’s weighing you down. 

Because you don’t believe life should be this way. 

Yet, you feel like time is moving FAST but  nothing in your life is changing, so you’re starting to lose faith (that things will ever change) and I’m here to tell you to GET YOUR ASS UP OFF THE FLOOR AND DUST YOURSELF OFF. 

YOU CAN’T GIVE UP  - you have to go all in. 

You can’t dip one toe in the water and say it’s too cold to swim. You’ve gotta just jump. If you REALLY want the things you say you want - you have to be willing to do things differently. 

You MUST get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

I wanted to start a Life Coaching business as a college drop out who grew up on welfare without a daddy. I wanted to teach people how to be happy and live abundantly. 

I doubted myself every step of the way. Who the hell was I to teach anyone. I didn’t even heal the trauma in my own life and I’m expecting people to pay me, for me to help them.

 I’ll be a fraud. 

My insecurities were rushing to the surface every day but I didn’t care. 

I knew what I wanted and I went after it.

I asked God to show me the way. Guide me and use me the best way He knew how. 

I knew I didn’t know HOW to receive what I wanted but I didn’t believe that was an excuse. So I asked for help, I reached out to people who were steps ahead of me. 

 I started hanging out with new people and going to entrepreneur events - changing my surrounding. 

I STOPPED complaining about all the things that weren’t going right in my life and accepted that I was the only one who could change it. 

I stepped into gratitude and found reasons to be happy long before I ever made a sale or went on a date. 

I made a commitment to myself everyday to choose me. Love me. Believe in me. 

Believing that despite my past and insecurities I could and would be happy, successful business owner who travels her world, creating epic memories with her husband and impacting lives of millions of families.

 I decided to break the rules and create a new lane for myself. 

Although, I had every reason to give up, I wouldn’t. 

Honestly, that is what I want for you. When you think of your limitations call bullshit. I want you to believe even when you have no solid reason too. Even when it looks like things are not happening. 

Helen Keller was blind and deaf and is STILL a successful women who gradated college with honors, wrote books and inspired countless people. 

She didn’t allow her circumstances to be the end of her life, she kept pushing forward. She is a hero to me. I believed if she could do it, I could do it too. 


So you have to make a choice right now, that you can change your life. Change is available and possible for you. 

TELL me below what you want to do. 

IF you’re ready to change, I’m hosting a FREE 3 Day Manifestation Party and I want you to join me. 

We start on Monday and I hope to see you there. 


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