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You’re ALREADY an impressive woman

The woman who made 10k in the first few months is impressive AF.

But so is the women who hit her first 10k in the second year of her business. Because that woman didn’t give up - she stayed the course - even when shit wasn’t working out.

And I have WAY more in common with the second women.

It wasn’t easy for me to make money in the beginning of my business and no matter how many times I wrote out my money story - I still couldn’t close a sale to save my life.

It was much deeper than that for me.

I’m great with money, I’ve always been able to manage it well, invest with ease and spend without fear but the idea of charging thousands of dollars to have an hour conversation with me felt scary AF!

I constantly wondered what I would say if they asked me something I didn’t know the answer too or had never experienced.

I constantly compared myself to other coaches who were making bank and had tons of experience. I felt like a wasn’t good enough.

And this wasn’t the first time.

I didn’t feel good enough for healthy love.

So I dated scum and watched my morals jump out the window. I struggled seeing my worth and believe good things could happen for me EASILY without struggle.

Without struggle being the KEY WORD there.

And before I was going to be able to confidently sale my services or met a good man, I needed to HEAL.

I needed to process the shit from my past that lead me to believe I was unworthy or not enough. I faced my shadow self head on and it triggered the fuck out of my anxiety.

My chest tighten.

My head was pounding.

I had a million reasons WHY I should give up but I didn’t. I was tired of running (physically and emotionally).

I couldn’t let fear stop me from doing work I love or living my best fucking life.

Shadow work UNLEASHED another part of me.

Part of me who wasn’t afraid to be herself.

Part of me who wasn’t afraid to share her gifts.

Part of me who wasn’t afraid of success.

Part of me who wasn’t afraid to ask for help.

I began to embrace ALL PIECES OF ME!

And I love who I see when I look in the mirror. Even after a “failure” or setback. Even when shit doesn’t come as quickly or exactly as I want it - the Universe STILL delivers the very best to me.

And I am forever grateful.

As you see other people getting the success, love or baby you crave - remember that it is possible for you too!

And that there is some resistance on your part, pushing it away (even if you can’t see it yet) that needs to be witnessed for the floodgates to open up.

But either way it WILL COME and their is no need to compare or stress. Success at any stage is still success.

And worth celebrating no matter how long it took!

Love you!


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