Truth Bomb: Life is What You Make of it

Yesterday morning I woke up at 530am (without an alarm. Woot Woot) and ideas came rushing to me around how to organically grow my business.

I’ve been noticing the impact my Truth Bombs have on my audience, so I decided to show up for the next 15 Days in Total Conviction and show you how to apply these principles to your life and business and SOAR.

JUMPING RIGHT IN…. 15 Day Truth Bomb Challenge dissects some of my favorite quotes and speaks to your subconscious mind around reprograming your mind, to see your life and business differently.

Day 1: Life Is What You Make Of It - Unknown.

Time and Time again we’ve heard people (including ourselves) talk about how “hard” life is and all the things going “wrong” in our lives. Honestly, speaking WE control how we react to every situation or experience in our lives.

We have the POWER to decide if this will be PAIN or PLEASURE. Based on our interpretation will determine how we reaction.


Working out: If you feel like working out is pointless and you’d rather be home relaxing on the couch watching TV and eating pizza, than working out will be a painful experience for you.

You will struggle EVERYDAY because who voluntarily wants to experience pain. You’ve placed a negative emotion towards this action, so it will be a struggle to do each time but that was a PERSONAL choice.

You can CHOOSE to see it differently.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went to the gym FIVE HOURS a day and had a smile on his face. People thought he was crazy but he said he saw working out as a stepping stone to winning his Mr. Universe Titles.

He choose to look at working out from a POSITIVE stand point.

He related it back to his goals. And you can do that same as well.

NOW relating back to the truth bomb (life is what you make of it) You have the POWER to interpret EVERY aspect of your life and choose to see it differently. Re write the story in your favor.

Take responsibility for your life because once you do…you’ll see how POWERFUL you are and how many AMAZING things you can accomplish.

Choose to believe life doesn’t have to be hard. Choose to believe you life is a FUN experience, worth exploring.

Day One Action Steps:

1. Live Stream: Just Do It.

Decide that showing up is EASY and FUN. Understand the value you will gain from showing up online both personally and professionally.

I know that I instruct my coaching clients to act despite fear, so I decided it’s time to talk my walk and get VISIBLE online. You just have to decide that this will be pleasureful.

Affirmation: I choose to believe I show up on live stream authentically me and people love it!

2. Habits: What do we need to work on?

What is 3 bad habits that is hindering you from getting where YOU KNOW you can be in your life and business?

What do you want to change in the month of June?

What’s causes hesitation around your ability to make that a reality?

What’s stopping you from showing up as your 2.0 version who is more than enough and knows it?

What are you looking to gain in the next 15 days?