Burn The Boats

I Am A Manifesting Queen.

I Manage to MANIFEST a 4 Day VIP Pass to known other than Tony Robbins sold out event UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN

And he repeated If You Wanna Take The Island, You Gotta Burn The F**king Boats - I instantly had a break through. I bet you've heard this saying many times before and I'm not even sure if Tony is the originator of the phrase but what I do KNOW is we've be trained to fail. We were taught to ALWAYS have a Plan B.

You'll retreat every chance you get because you know there is an EASY way out. You can always go back home. That's why you need to burn the boats.

If you have NO other choice to succeed, YOU WILL. Steve Harvey QUIT his job after winning $50 in a comedy contest. He had a wife and twins at home but he knew he was meant to do Comedy. He defied the odds and became the Host of Family Fued, Steve Harvey Show and Little Big Shots. BURN YOUR BOATS. YOUR HUNGER WILL FEED YOUR NEEDS AND MAKE A WAY. You can find thousands of examples of people who succeed despite the odds, so don't think less of your self. You are capable of everything they are. You Are No Different. Make History.