Ignorance Is NOT Bliss - 7 Reasons People Don't Set Goals

Yesterday, when I went into work, I pulled my manager aside and informed him I would be sending over my resignation because I was leaving the company in two weeks.

It was only natural that he asked me why I was leaving and what I would be doing, so I decided to tell the TRUTH and share my dreams with him. I told him I would be focusing on building my coaching business (empowering women to step into her POWER) while preparing for my move to Los Angeles come October.

In true JERK fashion he said " You're making a mistake. I cannot tell you how many people try to leave this job and wind up calling me three or four months later, asking me for help get their job back" and laughed while telling me to put my notice in writing and he'll send it off to corporate.

Truthfully, so much doubt and fear crept up inside me because quitting my job is a really BIG deal and for someone to bluntly tell you, you're going to fail is kinda a slap in the face but I needed to remind myself how POWERFUL I am and that I've been preparing for this moment for roughly 18 months.

I couldn't back out now...quitting my job has been on my GOAL LIST for months now and out of fear, I continuously pushed it back but with a moving date rapidly approaching and a business growing, it was TIME to make my move.

Then I realized, he had dreams of his own that he allowed to fall by the waste line because he was afraid of taking a risk. He was afraid to BET on himself and took the "easy" route instead.


Goal setting hasn't become sexy enough for people to actually start doing it outside of when the NEW YEAR rolls around. Later on speaking with my Manager he told me, I reminded him a lot of himself when he was my age but he allowed himself to be distracted from his future plans, so he's since settled for the life he has now.

If You're Not Working On Your Dreams, You're Working On Someone Else's

So I started to do some research and studies show:

-Less than 3% of men and women have their goals in writing.

- Less than 1% of them read and review their goals regularly.

Here is a list of 7 Reasons Why People Don't Set Goals, as you read through this list, think of yourself and if ANY of these reasons apply.

1. NOT SERIOUS: It's easier to talk the talk, than walk the walk. People like to talk about the things they want to be doing in life, instead of figuring out a plan of HOW to actually do what they want or get what they desire.

They are not serious about making the improvements in their lives, so they settle, for talking about what could, should, or would've happened.

2. Don't See The Importance: People don't realize that goals not written down are merely wishes or hopes for the future that will NEVER manifest, Growing up we weren't taught the importance of goal setting unless they pretended to sports or academia, so as we got older, it became our last priority, well until NOW.

3. RESPONSIBILITY: Haven't taken ownership for where their life is NOW and the role they played. We are the screenwriter, director, actor, producer and editor of our lives and the sooner we STOP blaming others, the sooner we can get our lives back on track.

We spend so much of our time and energy creating SEXY excuses and never take ownership, as to how we've gotten here.

4. Fear of failure: Failure is looked at as such a devilish thing. If something doesn't work out the first time, you're expected to hang your head low and never try again.

We need to change the way we view failure because you will never produce ANY results until you accept that failure is inevitable but failure isn't where you STOP. You don't STOP until you've accomplished the goal or die trying.

5. Worthlessness: People who deem themselves "worthless" see no point in setting goals because they already view themselves as a failure and it's no sense in trying if the end result is failure.

You're already at rock bottom looking up and you haven’t even tried yet.

If you stay in your comfort zone, than you avoid any chance of things not working out because you have no expectations of things being better.

6. Don't Know How: As much as you hear the personal develop world discussing how to set goals, you just haven't figured out HOW. Instead of doing the work to find out, you rather just not try.

7. Scared of Hard Work: You want things to be given to you, not ready to work for what you want. If you have goals, you'd have to commit to something more than sitting in front of the TV or gossiping.

Accomplishing your goals don't just happen overtime, they take hard work, time and patience. You're too lazy to put in the work.

IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. The limiting beliefs you are not aware of are the ones that hold you back from progressing in life. Whichever of these 7 REASONS applied to you, look at them as a stepping stone and shift your focus back to your goals.

Remember who you are and that you are the creator of your OWN experience, the first step in the right direction is to figure out what you what (goal) and than formulate a plan.

Simple enough.