I Quit My Day Job

I didn’t QUIT my job so that I could sit by the pool( sitting by the pool is just a side effect lol)

I QUIT because I was tired of asking other people permission to live my life. 

I was tired of asking for permission to go on lunch, take a vacation or just go to a doctors appointment. 

I gave someone else the power to decide how I spent my days - in exchange for a Bi weekly check that left me (just getting by). 

I QUIT my job because I was tired of explaining why I can’t afford to go out for happy hour when I’ve work 45 hours last week. 

I QUIT my job because I was tired of putting my happiness in the hands of others. 

So I took my power back. 

That’s what I help my clients do.

Whether that means traveling the world first class or just not working holidays - they take there time back! 

They get to spend there time - doing WHATEVER makes them happy. 

Where you see yourself in 5 year - Tough Love

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