Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me!

Pick me, choose me, love me! That was the subject line to an email I sent to a guy a few years ago. I had just found out he was still texting his Ex and I wanted him to see how incredible I was and ultimately make the decision to FULLY commit to being with me.  Not texting anyone else and building a future together, you see he really made me “happy” and I wanted to make to make him happy ( I just didn’t know how). 

So I wrote a heartfelt email - you know something out of a 90s Romantic Comedy starring Katherine Heigal or Meg Ryan and I was determined to walk away with the guy. Long story short - he left me and rightfully so because I was essentially begging him to stay in my life. 

Begging him to give me something he couldn’t and that was unfair to him (and most importantly me). 

I was so eager to have a “successful” relationship that I thought writing the email would let him see how special I was and that he shouldn’t let me go - ultimately I just showed him  how weak I was. 

I say that in the most loving way to myself because I wasn’t STRONG enough to know I deserved better. And I see you following my footsteps, yeah it may not be with a romantic partner but you’re doing it with your business. You’re discounting your services to close sales and ultimately begging clients to work with you. When you KNOW you are worth so much more. You know that you have a gift and the world will benefit from your effects but you’re allowing fear to take charge - so you give discounts or work for pennies. And you’re telling the Universe that you don’t TRUST that a soulmate client will come into your life. You’re staying in a scacity mindset and it’s causing you to continuously attract people who aren’t ready to pay you because you don’t FULLY believe they exist. So you settle for whoever comes along (begging people to see your value) and end of suffering because you want more. Or maybe it’s your friendship - you’re holding on because they’ve been around for so long. So you keep apologizing for not “wanting” to hang out or speak to them because you don’t know how to cut the cord. You’re ready to raise your standards and you’re fully allowing these stragglers to hold you back. You know the friends who do nothing but complain yet take no actions and you constantly make excuses for their behavior- yeah those people. Don’t beg them to stay - let them go. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS! You’ve set the bar high for yourself and now It is time to stop begging people to change and let them loose. If I’ve learned anything in the past two years of TOTAL transformation - it’s to ONLY make room for people and situations that lift you up! Anything not helping you GROW is a distraction. Those clinging clients, guys or family members who you just can’t seem to walk away from - begin to think of what you’re life would be like if they weren’t around! Not dead or anything but just not in your everyday life! How much more could you get done? How much more dating could you do? Are you blocking space from amazing people coming in? Honestly these are all questions I’ve asked myself a few dozens times because as I grow, I need to re evaluate my surroundings and do what’s best for me. That includes NOT begging people to change but KNOWING that better exist and TRUSTING that the universe will deliver. So moral of the story don’t beg anyone to be in your life- YOU ARE A BADASS AND YOU DESERVE NOTHING BUT THE BEST!