The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Results...

—> YOU HAVE A HIDDEN AGENDA! The Universe loves to supply you with everything you need to succeed but if the intention behind your goals isn't pure, it's going to be an uphill battle. 

Wrong Reason 1: PROVE(name) wrong WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE WRONG IN YOUR LIFE? I totally get it, people say crappy shit without regard to how IMPORTANT words are and I'm sorry that has happened to you but you NEED to let it go. The negative attachment to your goal is keeping you from actually ACHIEVING it and being able to enjoy it once it happens. My story: I have always dreamed of living in LA and once I put in the two weeks notice at my job in NYC, my reasons for surviving in LA became toxic. You see when I put in my two-week notice, my Boss told me I would be back in 2/3 months begging for my job back. As someone who was battling her OWN fears of this new HUGE decision I was making, the last thing I needed was his negativity. My hidden agenda became to PROVE to my old boss that I WOULD NEVER come back asking for my job or even NYC for that matter. And every time I took a trip back to NYC, I would stop by the job to show him - HOW GREAT I WAS DOING - I was almost looking down on him for being in the same place. My GOAL was to always live in LA but when I attached the intention of doing I‎t despite his Cautionary Warning - I almost didn’t make I‎there. I had two weeks to find a place before Christmas and It wasn’t until I got CLEAR about what I wanted from LA and a New Roommate that I was able to manifest a perfect situation. Wrong reason 2: VALIDATION If you are waiting for praise, reward, validation from other people, you will be highly disappointed. Maybe you will be lucky and become acknowledged by those whom you respect but It won’t give you the satisfaction you crave because of ONLY your validation matters. Subconsciously you are battling with past experiences of not been seen and praised for your talents, so you’re trying to recreate the past. Trying to show (family, teachers, spouse, boss, friends) - see look I am special, I am smart, I am worthy, I am enough - ROAD LEADING to disappointment. WRONG REASON 3: SAFETY/SECURITY You crave MONEY, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, JOB to feel safe. Subconsciously you feel as though these things are your security blanket, that nothing can go wrong if ONLY you have these things... Leaving you to never feel satisfied when they aren't around and that is a recipe for disaster. There is ALWAYS more money to be made, first, you will want 100,000 a year, then 250,000 then 500,000 then 1.2 million and the number will keep rising because money doesn't bring safety. And the number will keep rising but the feeling of security will never come because you NEED to feel secure and safe before the money. Trusting that everything is ALWAYS working out for me. TRUSTING that everything is happening for my highest good. So you can find safety and security before you acquire wealth and love. ASK YOURSELF: 1. What is my goal? 2. Do I want It for the right reasons? Why? 3. Do I have a hidden agenda attached to my goals? Here is how you find out... When I achieve my goal, I will finally feel (examine the words you use to describe acquiring your goals). See if they align with the 3 reasons above. 4. If YES(which is totally normal)... Repeat: It is safe for me to let go of the need to______. I am open to the idea of looking at my goals for ALL new reasons ________. Ex: It is safe for me to let go of the need to praised by others. I am open to the idea of looking at my goals for ALL new reasons - sharing my gifts with the world. 

Your Hidden Agenda