How I See You

Sunday, I cried (snot bubble tears). Okay before we jump to conclusions, I cried tears of joy. When I was in Central Park on Sunday, a woman (Becca) walked up to me and told me she recognized me from Instagram and how much she loves my videos. 

Instantly, I thought maybe she was mistaken because no one has ever recognized me before.   

But she was, in fact, talking about me! And I got exciting, thinking about how far I've come over the past two years. During the early stages of my business, I was extremely insecure and battling my own self-worth issues, so I wasn't sure if I could actually help anyone. I just knew I had a pull on my heart to not only heal my own wounds but to show others how to do the same. In the beginning, I felt like a fraud - like potential clients would call my bluff! I was still a work in progress! I had so much inner work to do but I was ready to get started helping people. I knew I needed to start somewhere. So this moment in Central Park is totally monumental in the evolution of Lakisha! The confident person you see before you! Her walking up to me gave me butterflies in my stomach, as I take ownership of my power and my fullest potential. When I stopped viewing myself as a flawed person who desperately needed to be fixed - I was able to find happiness! And that’s how I want you to view yourself! As the powerhouse, you are - complete and worthy of everything you desire! When I STOPPED questioning my worth, life became easier and I want you to see yourself how I view you! I don’t see your flaws. I don’t see your “mistakes”. I see your potential. I see your power. I see your vision. I see you soaring. And I want you to win! I know you’re capable of so much, then you currently believe and I just wish you could use MY EYES and see you how I see you. When that woman walked up to me in the park, she didn't look at me as broken, she saw my strength and that's how I SEE you. Choose to see yourself differently starting now. Believe that everything you sit up at night thinking about is possible. Believing that nothing is off limits or impossible for you. Believe that this is ONLY the beginning and you have so much greatness ahead of you. Sunday, I was reminded of WHY I never quit. Why I face my insecurities head on (in public) because I want you to see healing is possible. I want you to see that the past does not define your future or I would have lost a long time ago! When I coach clients, do live videos or post on Instagram I want you to see how powerful I am and how far I have come! I’m not afraid to talk about my challenges and I don’t want you to be afraid either - I want you to use your past as ammunition to move forward! How worthy you are of everything you desire, right now! I know you’re probably rolling your eyes in disbelief but I’m serious. Two years ago, I didn’t believe it either, I questioned if it was possible for me to actually help people, I questioned if anyone would actually pay me and most of all I questioned if I could actually change my own life. Today is proof that it is possible - I live a completely different life and so can you! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 PS: Yesterday Becca and I went for coffee and talked boys and business! I‎t was incredible to meet someone in person who values my work.  

If any of you are in NYC or LA let’s have a VIP day and meet up! It’s time I do coaching in person!