Why aren’t you good enough?

I use to think I wasn’t enough because I forget to restock the toilet paper or wear matching socks or because I didn’t graduate college.  

Silly right. Have you ever REALLY questioned why you believe you’re not “good enough”? What made you believe you aren’t “good enough” for what you desire? Who told you? What did you experience that lead to that crazy assumption? Where did the feeling begin? Seriously guys answer those questions - don’t avoid doing the real work. Get down to the root of your “scars” and begin the healing process. Where is the proof? When you really take the time to list your so called evidence you’ll realize how outlandish some of those “excuses” are. Acknowledging that those people who made you feel less than you are, were battling their own insecurities and trying to cope with their own pain. I am in no way justifying their behavior but hurt people hurt people. And now it’s up to you to decide you NO LONGER have to hurt. You no longer need to question your position in this world be you are AMAZING! True blessing in the world that we are grateful for! I love you and I’m glad we’ve gotten to meet (virtually anyway) but I seriously want you to take this exercise seriously. Write a list of WHY you believe you are unworthy or not good enough for your desires. Then REVERSE - find evidence to disprove your beliefs. Find examples in your life and others to PROVE that you had it all wrong. You were mistaken when you questioned your credibility. Once you do the list, I promise you’ll feel an instant shift, every time I do this exercise myself or with clients - a breakthrough occurs! Go do it now!