Do you have a problem?

I don’t have any problems AT ALL. There I said it. I’ve spoken my truth. Honestly, this post is going to piss most of you off because you have not fully decided to take responsibility for your life - you’re still pointing fingers at other people for your problems. And not realizing that YOU are the only person with the power to change that. You see we have this belief that other people have done us wrong and if we play “victim” than we can guilt them into changing or making things better for us. When truth be told we aren’t a victim and no one can hurt us without our permission. We make a decision everyday how to live our lives. And then we try and blame our boss or spouse for being unhappy when we are the ONLY person responsible for our happiness but back to my lack of problems (yours too). I use to love the sound of my voice complaining, it was somewhat soothing to wake up everyday and have a pity party for myself but as months pass (as time tends to do) I found myself complaining about the same shit over and over again until I realized HOW fucking easy they were to change. You don’t like your job - get a new one. You have a crappy boyfriend - dump him. You gained a few pounds - go on a diet. You aren’t getting along with your roommate- communication with them about what bothering you. Or move out Things really aren’t as difficult as we make them out to be. Life really is simple and FUN yet we choose to dwell on the negative. You can go out with friends and totally enjoy yourself but you rather get around them and complain about work or your boyfriend. When you have no desire to change anything. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not beating up on you or anything because I’ve totally been there but I want you to see the pattern you’ve created for yourself - you believe your problems are outside of you and that’s why they still exist. You are waiting for the other person to do right by you when you need to do right by you and love and respect yourself. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are okay and when you give your power to other people - the results are uncertain. Take back your power to change the things you don’t like and focus on enjoying your present moment - which by the way is problem free. The crap we spend so much time worrying out, never actually happen or if they do are never as bad as we thought they were going to be. The so called “problems” you have exist in the future and we aren’t there yet, so let it go. ✨Decide to believe everything works out for your highest good. ✨ Nothing can or will ever happen that you cannot handle. ✨ You are always safe and supported. Change your beliefs you change your life because if you look at your “problems” (as not the end of the world) - you’ll leave room for solutions. Because ultimately that’s all you ever wanted anyway. Commit to living a problem free lifestyles and only address things that are of present concern. 💕💕💕 Thank me later