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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

When I packed my bags last year it was so different than my move to Los Angeles.

This time it wasn’t about setting up a “home” in a new city but about traveling the world and making EVERYWHERE I AM HOME.

Finding safety, security, intimacy and pleasure everywhere I land.

2020 shook things up for me on a much faster timeline than I had been expected. You see I had always wanted to travel for more than a week but really LIVE and experience new cultures but it was something I was too afraid to do - so I put it off.

Hoping to find the right time in the future.

But when things started to shut up all over the world due to the pandemic, the plans I were excited about were also pushed back. And the state of the world was in panic. I felt like I was suffocating and had total control over making it stop.

It took a few months before I sprung into action but when I did I was CLEAR about everything I wanted moving forward.

I wasn’t allowing fear to hold me back anymore. I was going to LIVE my life just as I had always dreamed.

But I didn’t want to do it alone. I wasn’t in the mood for solo traveling - I wanted a partner to go on excursions with and create epic memories that well laugh about until we’re old and gray.

So that’s what I did.

I pulled out my journal and started writing. Everything I wanted in a travel partner and more.

I rolled out my yoga mat and began to visual us practicing together and building trust with one another. A bond of sisterhood and connection.

I had no idea that when I decided things were going to just magically start to unfold but they did. Within a 2 weeks, I saw a post from one of my Facebook friends about traveling the world again and wanting to a partner to do it with.

And I laughed when I read because it’s exactly what I was in search of. So I messaged her and we got to talking - realizing we were both headed to LA in a few weeks and should meet up.

I instantly knew she was the one I was MEANT to travel with - so I packed my bags - kissed my mom - and hopped on a plane.

We met and instantly hit it off.

So we started looking into cities to visit and adventures to do TOGETHER.

It was perfect.


And I can’t help but laugh at how serendipitous the entire situation was because we were both calling each other in at the SAME DAMN TIME!

Divine timing.

ALIGNED TIMING as I like to call it.

Everything about us meeting each other was aligned down to our professions. I was ready to reconnect with my womb and bomb I manifested a womb whisper who quickly helped me shift my femininity back into alignment.

As I did with her and her business. It is a perfect match.

And here I am one year later living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico together. 🦋

I use to dream about this life and now here I am living it and it’s even juicier than I imagined!

And I want you to live a juicy life too.

Let me know if you're READY TO GET ALIGNED!!!!

Your life can be fun again!

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