Updated: Jul 15

When I packed my bags last year it was so different than my move to Los Angeles.

This time it wasn’t about setting up a “home” in a new city but about traveling the world and making EVERYWHERE I AM HOME.

Finding safety, security, intimacy and pleasure everywhere I land.

2020 shook things up for me on a much faster timeline than I had been expected. You see I had always wanted to travel for more than a week but really LIVE and experience new cultures but it was something I was too afraid to do - so I put it off.

Hoping to find the right time in the future.

But when things started to shut up all over the world due to the pandemic, the plans I were excited about were also pushed back. And the state of the world was in panic. I felt like I was suffocating and had total control over making it stop.

It took a few months before I sprung into action but when I did I was CLEAR about everything I wanted moving forward.

I wasn’t allowing fear to hold me back anymore. I was going to LIVE my life just as I had always dreamed.

But I didn’t want to do it al