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All Men Ain’t Toxic

All men ain’t shit!

Just the ones you seem to be attracted too.

And I know that’s a tough pill for you to swallow but it’s the truth. You have terrible taste in men because you don’t fully INNERstand what healthy love, looks and feels like.

So when David offers you a little attention and good D, you’re drawn to him. It’s lusty and you’re falling in love.

He may even be showering you with words of affirmation but his ACTIONS aren’t making up with his words. And that’s what matters most - does he SHOW YOU he loves you or just TELLS YOU he loves me.

And by any means am I judging because I’ve had my fair share of toxic relationships but I was tired of the bad communication, disrespect and wasting of my time.

Cause a man will waste your time if you LET HIM. And if you’re wondering HOW DO I LET HIM WASTE MY TIME, I’ll tell you.

By entertaining his foolishness because a man who does not have a plan for HIMSELF in the future certainly can’t have one for the both of you. So when you’re clinging to his every word, hoping one day he will wake up and see the value of you being in his life - you’ll realize you‘re wasting your time.

Because 99.9% of the time his opinion of you won’t change and your self esteem is crumpling with every encounter you two have. Deepening your belief that all men ain’t shit and that there is something wrong with you (unworthy or unlovable).

When in reality it’s the type of men you are attracted to that can’t provide you with ANY of the qualities you truly need to be in a happy, healthy relationship.

And when I say take time to focus and LOVE on you - it’s not because self love will replace the need for companionship but because when you LOVE YOU and SEE YOUR VALUE - you’re no longer willing to entertain a fuck boy.

You don’t care how cute he is or how much time you invested - you’re going to walk away. So maybe men aren’t the problem, maybe you need to see the red flags and move accordingly!

And HEAL YOUR BROKEN HEART Masterclass is available if you really want to see some shifts in your dating life!

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