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Are you living in the feminine?

Feminine energy is fluid.

It’s free.

Without bounds, without limits.

Like the ocean.

The Ocean is creative, expressive and expansive.

Drawing in and receiving more of what she wants.

Yet, repelling (Hurricane or Tsunami) what she

no longer desires.

Sound familiar!

You are the Ocean, you can be just as gentle and as deadly as she is.

Whenever you want.

But you need to RE LEARN how to speak her language- how to use your powers to create, expand and receive with ease.

Those voices in your head that tell you, you aren’t worthy or good enough or ready for the next level is FEAR - it’s the voice of the people (parents, friends, teachers) who wanted to keep you safe in your small town - with no risks and no fears of being hurt.

They wanted to protect you, so they convinced you to dim your light.

To calm your waves.

And that anger you feel is the HURRICANE building within you ready to clear anything in your path - that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Because your beauty and talents, just like the Ocean NEEDS to be seen.

Admired. Appreciated. Adored.

The destruction that you fear isn’t as scary as you think, it’s just not familiar but it’s nothing to run from.

You should be running towards it because the life you CRAVE is on the other side of it.

By activating your inner CONCEITED BITCH you’re telling the Universe you’re ready for the next chapter - you’re ready to receive with ease.

So what are you waiting for ?

You keep saying you want more, why wait another minute.

Pull the trigger.

Start the podcast.

Quit your job.

Move to another country.

Dump the low life who’s never gonna change.

Block the toxic family member.

Dye your hair.

Do whatever you gotta do.

Do what feels TRUE to you.


And I’ll help you clear out anything that’s standing in the way of you living your best fucking life.

Join Conceited Bitch, we start April 11th

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