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I’m the Ex

I’m the EX he still talks about.

The EX he chased.

The EX he loved.

I literally laugh thinking about our last exchange because he asked if their was voodoo between my thighs because he couldn’t seem to get enough of me.

I’ve since cut the cord but one thing I did learn from that relationship was the power in just being me.

Divine feminine goddess! 💦

I didn’t need to manipulate or play games to get him to love me.

I just NEEDED to trust my intuition that WHEN I got a partner that was safe and here to nourish me - I would be able to surrender.

I would be able to let my guard down and allow love to pour in. Allow my desires to come.

But I needed to feel safe.

I needed to feel secure.

I needed to feel rooted.

And through the help of my somatic practice I was FINALLY able to return home to my body (specifically my womb) and embody my truest self.

Gone were the days of questioning my worth because I now knew I was a child of God and deserving of the very best.

So of course I deserved love, money, family, connection and pleasure.

Of course I got to have and experience good things.

And of course it flowed into my life.

I became the SEDUCER of my desires.

And left no crumbs behind.

Attracting men, money, and everything else I craved!

And that’s what I’m prepared to you in my new program SEDUCTION!

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