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It is safe to feel

Our Parents didn’t just teach us how to tie our shoes or brush our teeth!

They taught us how to EXPRESS OURSELVES.

How to express anger, shame and even joy.

Some of those emotions may have been encouraged and others not so much.

So when you take a look at your life and HOW disconnected/disassociate you FEEL - give yourself some grace and compassion.

You probably weren’t taught how to deal with it and you’re just LEARNING from trail and error.

And the coping mechanism you PICKED UP at a young age were how you learned to deal. Those skills probably aren’t healthy for you anymore and it’s time you learn another way.

It’s time you do things differently.

You can’t drink it away.

You can’t sleep it away (trust me I’ve tried, the problems are still there when you wake up).

You can’t fixate on others as a distraction to your own ish.

Because once the distraction is gone you’ll be right back in the dumps or chasing your next high.

I speak from experience when I say this - IT IS SAFE TO FEEL.

All of my feelings (and yours) are validate. Even the icky ones.

I encourage them all. I sit with them all.

And now I’ve learned how to handle my anger so that I can enjoy more of my HAPPINESS. And that’s all I want for you too!

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