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Trembling Heart


I’m not even sure HOW to describe what happened to me but listen up.

Long gone are the days where I date BOYS who make me question my worth or lovability. I date MEN who re enforce my sense of safety and love.

When you feel completely comfortable and SAFE with your partner - you open up another PORTAL of healing, expansion and pleasure.

The other day I was on a date with a very handsome man who made me feel SAFE and we were talking about intimacy in past experiences. I felt comfortable sharing a painful experience from my past.

When my legs began to tremble (out of nowhere).

And as y’all know the HIPS are the junk draw of our emotions. Our body store the memories our mind weren’t ready to process.

So when they trembled - I didn’t panic I’m use to this but never this randomly so I breathed through it - without saying a word to him.

When he noticed he moved closer and just sat with me. Reminding me I’m safe and that he got me


A few moments later the shaking stopped and my nervous system started to calm down. A melting sensation came over my entire body - it was as if I released whatever memory I was talking about from my cellular body.

A weight had be lifted off of me and I am so grateful to my body and that beautiful man ♥️

Warmth of his touch, accompanied with melting sensations felt like I was on cloud ☁️ 9 and I never wanted to come down.

All I could do was lay there and enjoy it.

I went deeper and instantly felt the expansion.

There was no longer a need to talk about the past because the present was so beautiful and bright.

This is what I mean when I talk about feeling SAFE to RECEIVE.

When we ASK for more (love, money or fame) we have to be able to HOLD it and feel comfortable with it or we are going to sabotage ourselves.

The nervous system is going to go into overdrive trying to protect you from this potential threat.

Now I’ve had experiences with past partners who I didn’t feel safe with so I wasn’t able to be vulnerable and fully surrender - my body would tighten and I was retreat pulling away from the guy.

So when My Mouth said things like I’m ready for my husband - I really wasn’t - I didn’t feel safe with myself enough to CHOOSE the right partner.

But now I do so as we touched on deeper forms of vulnerability than I ever have and I was mentally nervous - but my BODY was ready. So the trembling began.

I was finally Safe and Supported so that I could clear the blockage. I was ready. I’ve done so much deep inner work that I am OPEN and once the opportunity presents itself my nervous system did what needed to be done AUTOMATICALLY.

The sensations show up differently depending on the experience but the BODY is constantly sending you messages and the sooner you listen - the sooner you’ll be able to tap into a state of FLOW when it comes to love, money, fame and pleasure!

And oddly enough I’ve had this experience when I was healing my money trauma, my ability to have an ⭕️rgasm and so much more.

Until I started paying attention to my body and it’s response to pain and pleasure.

That’s what I’ll be teaching you in my 8 week mentorship program FLOW.

How to listen and work with YOUR BODY to decode the past memories, where they are hiding out and HOW you can release them.

Melting away the blockages and opening new windows of opportunity to just FLOW in.

Embodying your sacral magic to live a life of pleasure on your own terms.

So if you’re ready to stop living a basic bish life - early bird for FLOW ends today $777

Price jumps to $999 tomorrow morning.

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