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Hi, I'm Lakisha Corbett

In a world filled with emotional bypassing and numbness I am the QUEEN of feeling all the feels! 

Like the true Pisces Goddess that I am - you have to feel it to heal it! 

Hence why I first book is titled Yes, I’m in my feelings. Because I’m  not afraid of talking about the real shit I’ve  gone through and how to HEAL from it. 

I struggled with fears of abandonment and rejection after growing up with an absent father, (just like many others) numbed her pain with booze and boys pretending everything was fine until I couldn’t anymore. 

After being ghosted by my ex, I  knew it was time to do things differently, so I went on a journey of self discovery and forgiveness. 

Stepping into my darkness, feeling the pain and coming out REBORN! 

I quit my soul sucking customer service job in fall 2017, moved from NYC to LA, started a coaching business and began practicing yoga. 

Through yoga, breathwork and eft tapping, I found my voice, self worth, safety and pleasure in being who I is. 


It’s no wonder that durning the pandemic she met up with a fellow traveler and moved to Mexico. Moving from one city every 2/3 months I am truly living my dream life on her terms and exploring a beautiful country. 

This transformation has allowed me to tap deeper into my own personal healing and take my clients on an even deeper journey. 

Through private and group coaching I am passionate about helping women HEAL through their past aches and pain, so they can begin to FEEL all the blessings they will receive. Over the past 3 years my clients have totally transformed their lives 10x their income, writing their first book, falling in love, moving to a new country and most all finding themselves.

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I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

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I've praised Lakisha before but I really have to stress that I'd GLADLY pay over 5k for one single session with her because she's just that damn good.


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