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Healing the Womb

Let’s discuss womb trauma

I spent my entire teen years suffering with painful periods because I thought it was normal. Doctors just prescribed Birth Control and pain meds to help with the heavy crampy, mood swings and nausea.

And it wasn’t until I started my healing journey in my late 20s did I realize the pain I was experiencing wasn’t normal at all!

In fact it was a symptom of womb trauma but because I was too busy numbing the pain I wasn’t able to get to the root cause of it all.

Trauma is an overwhelming negative event that you aren’t able to fully process that leaves long lasting emotional, mental and physical instability.

I experienced my first womb trauma when I got a pelvic exam as a teen because I was suffering with painful ovarian cyst. I was a virgin and it was nerve wracking no matter how comfortable they tried to make me.

Womb trauma can result from an abortion, STD, sexual harassment, challenging child birth, and even painful s3x.

The hurt and pain I carried in my womb led to my painful periods and when I was ready to let go of the grief the cramps went away.

Yes, changing my diet helped but I got long lasting results when I stopped being afraid of being a women.

When I learned to embrace my femininity and love my womb no matter what. Gone were the days of me hating my body and rejecting my divine power.

I reconnected with my sacral Magic and allowed the wisdom of my womb design a life I no longer needed to numb myself from.

Healing my relationship with my womb allowed me to experience pleasure on a deeper level. Through EFT tapping, Self Love, Shadow Work and breath work I was able to feel safe in my femininity and body - feeling WORTHY of my desires.

Believing I can manifest the life of my wildest dreams and now I’m living that life!

I invite you to message me to find out more details on how you can reclaim your feminine power and create a juicy af life you don’t need a vacation from!

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