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Putting the broken pieces back together

My life started to crumble when I graduated High School.

I was heading out into a world with the “BROKEN” pieces my parents had given me -- to figure out who I am and what I wanted.

Little did I know that every heartache and every tear was for a bigger purpose but I mean why would I know. I was never given the tools to communicate properly about how I was feeling and what I needed to receive.

You see NOT only did I grow up without my father but my Mother did too. Generationally, I grew up surrounded by women who had been hurt and abused by men who were "suppose" to love and protect them.

When I went out into the world, I could ONLY see one piece of the puzzle and I craving validation from men in my life.

I needed to hear I was beautiful and nothing short of amazing.

Emotionally, I was hurting and the men I attracted KNEW just that. Unconsciously, I was attracting unavailable men into my life, as we so often do. We attract what we focus on and a big part of my life was believing men suck.

Over the next few years, the pain became unbearable to endure, I found myself a college drop out, unemployed and dating someone else's boyfriend.

I had finally hit rock bottom.

I knew it was coming but I felt I had no way of stopping it - I was too busy pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for my demise that I never took the time to stop and look myself in the mirror and ask: Lakisha what do you need?

What do you need to feel better?

What do you need to hear to heal?

What do you need to change to show up as the BEST version of you?

I had to break down on the bathroom floor ( a couple times) and ball my eyes out before I was willing to take responsibility for WHY I felt broken.

I was so busy being the tough guy, I never told anyone I was hurting. So at 24 years old, I broke down and had to start ALL over.

Loving myself piece by piece - exactly as I am.

As a Mindset Coach, I work with so many clients who feel like their lives are crumbling and they don't know how to stop it (if you feel the same way - keep reading)

Our lives fall apart so that we can rebuild them with a solid foundation. It's never happening ALL at once, piece by piece, situation by situation and it's up to YOU to decide enough is enough.

You get to decide what those experiences will mean and how they will shape your life.

You get to decide how you show up in the world and who you attract going forward.

Get real with yourself about what this "crisis" is trying to teach you.

My struggles taught me - I felt like a broken little girl waiting around for someone to save me - when I really needed to save myself. I needed to see that I was never broken but confused. And I get to decide how I live the rest of my life - I don't need to feel sorry for myself because I am an incredible woman with a bright future.

So tell me below - how you CHOOSE to see yourself.

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