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Unexpected Money Showing Up For Me

I just found a check that I never cashed.

I opened up a book I haven’t read in months because I wanted to record a live stream but I didn’t know what to talk about.

So I picked up Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back and a check slipped out.

All I could do was laugh because I remember losing the check and totally freaking out about it.

Feeling like I have the worse luck and can never hold onto to money. I was definitely beating up on myself about misplacing the check because I really needed the money ASAP.

And it isn’t a surprise that I found the check now because my relationship with money has shifted.

I no longer believe in lack. I no longer freak out about HOW I am going to make money or where my next client is coming from.

I just believe that everything is working out for my highest good and that means I get to pay my bills.

I get to live in a city I love. I get to do work that I love.

I’ve transformed from fears into Faith.

I choose to believe I’ll be okay, even when it doesn’t always seem that work. When the external world isn’t matching my thoughts, I STILL believe.

I hold the faith.

I don’t question what is happening and I allow myself to learn from every situation.

So when I found this check today, it’s the Universe reminding me that I’m okay.

I wrote this post two year ago and I believe in EVERY WORD I’ve said even more now because over the past two years have only proved this to me even more. Money has consistently been showing up for me in the most incredible ways (that I couldn’t have even imagined).

I’m now living in Mexico in a fabulous apartment, eating the best organic foods, and even making money while I sleep. All of this is new to me and is totally something I never expected to happen but it did.

My life is getting better and better everyday. And it’s because I decided to get in the driver seat and make a say in what was happening to me.

No longer allowing myself to move from a place of fear or lack. I am clear on what I want and why I want it and I allow the Universe to surprise with HOW it will all come together on my behalf.

My only job is to decide and follow the bread crumbs that are laid out for me! And that’s all you have to do.

decide that life gets to be different for you!

Everything is working out (for me and you).