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Arousal of the Yoni

The practice of returning HOME to the body, is really YOU returning home to PLEASURE.

Feeling safe enough to breath into the corners of your yoni and experience deep šŸ’¦ pleasure without shame or restrictions.

Gently opening up the hips (sacral) and allowing the Universe to seduce you and tickle you til you cum. Overflowing with wealth, love and ecstasy.

Pleasure is about safety.

When you lack trust in a relationship and most importantly yourself - you become disassociated from your emotions or even numb to it.

Almost robotic in how you move through the world.

Yet your mind is still chasing the high of what once was until you get so disappointed you distract yourself with bad habits (meaningless s3x or drugs).

And before you go to far in the deep end I want to offer you some support - some pleasure activation.

By reminding you of the magic between your legs and how to POSSIBLE it is to dissolve the wounds of past lovers, childhood woes and so much more.

Finding a healthy outlet for your pain (anger) so that you make room for pleasure to feel safe again.

And finally stop dimmining your light and questioning your worth every step of the way because life gets to be freaking ORGASMIC AF.

And the Universe wants to cater to you.

Your every wish is ready to be granted - once you return home to the body to receive it.

Feeling wild and free to be the QUEEN B!

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