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Did you forget something?

I figured it out.


You are not broken.

You are not worthless.

You are not unworthy.

You are just merely FORGETFUL.

You have just simply forgotten your powers and magnetism.

In fear of being abandoned and rejected.

So you play small.

You hide.

You don’t really ASK for what you truly want, you just dance around the topic and people please in hopes of FINALLY becoming worthy of the greatness your soul craves.

And I’m ONLY saying this because I’ve been where you are but I finally was able to find my PEACE in the mist of my (mental) broken pieces.

So instead of trying to re write the past by getting people to love and validate me outside sources - I validated my damn self.

I prioritized myself.

My wants.

My needs.

I started bending over backwards giving myself everything my soul & inner child craves and it has been the most fulfilling experience.

My aura shifted.

I returned HOME to my body.

My skin cleared. My weight shifted. My mind altered. My energy ascended. My soul opened.

I became the GODDESS I was destined to be.

No longer pretending but actually BEING happy. Whole. Enough. Fulfilled. Nourished.

I remembered who I was and I want to help you remember who you were before life tried to knock you down and tell you other wise.

If you’re ready to be the SEDUCER of your life - drawing in your desires with a sense of playfulness and pleasure.

I have 3 private coaching spots available in SEDUCTION.

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