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Moving to Mexico healed me

Moving to Mexico Healed My Fear of Abandonment

I don’t know if it’s because I am a middle child or because my father wasn’t there growing up but I’ve had a constant fear of being forgotten.

Being abandoned and rejected once they realized how flawed and “useless” I am.

It is no wonder I was a people pleaser and broke my back to be everything to everyone even if it meant rejecting my own needs.

When I decided to move to Mexico my family and friends didn’t really understand why (honestly I didn’t either) but I CRAVED adventure.

And as months went by without seeing each other and phone calls never gotten returned and texts took longer to come in - My heart started to break. Out of sight out of mind.

I felt like I was losing the people I loved all because I moved away and they were punishing me for it. And as the guilt started to creep in I remembered how much my family loves me and enjoys my company.

I began to INNERstand that they were busy people (with kids, jobs, lovers) and couldn’t always be at my beck and call - that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about me.

They STILL love and will always love me. They know my flaws and STILL choose to stick around. So I didn’t need to wonder when they would leave me because will always be right there.

And the SAME way that I don’t always feel like talking on the phone, neither do they. So I choose to stop questioning their LOVE and just accept it - while getting to the root of my abandonment because it didn’t start with them!

Mexico gave me the room I needed to be still and talk to my inner child and soothe her. Telling her everything she wish she heard as kid.

Now I’m not saying you need to move to another country to heal (even though it would be dope) but you do need to stop running from the root of your problems so you can start living again.

There is a whole world out there just waiting for you to share your magic and enjoy it’s beauty.

I am a wild woman and it’s freeing.

I wake up excited to start my day, open to new adventures and opportunities. Truly living a PLEASURABLE LIFE of ease, freedom and luxury and I want the same for you! 🧲

But the question is, DO YOU WANT IT?

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