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Stepping into the Overflow

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

There were SO many times I waited until I hit rock bottom (empty bank account or lost in love) before I decided to UPLEVEL.

And the minute I shifted my energy, thousands of dollars poured in. A new handsome man showed up and everything started FLOWING together.

Life just started to click differently when I stopped waiting for everything to fall to pieces before I was motivated to change.

Learning that relationships don’t have to be toxic for me to move on.

Jobs don’t have to be stressful for you to leave them.

I no longer have to be motivated by survival and accepting the bare minimum.

I’ve completed whatever soul contract I signed before I got here and I made the decision to usher into a life of PLEASURE.

Strictly motivated by things that bring me joy.

Joy in self.

Joy in love.

Joy in fame.

Joy in wealth.

And everything else my Yoni craves.

I declare it is being delivered with ease and quickness. And it always is.

My life is one people dream about because I’ve designed it as such - that now I FLOW through challenges instead of allowing them to cripple me.

IT IS SAFE TO ALLOW MYSELF TO ASK FOR MORE (more then enough to just get by) - just because I want it.

No long winded reason why, but just because the desire was placed on my heart. I name it.

And claim it.

Just that simple.

During the course of my 8 week mentorship program I will be guided the lucky Baddies to tap into a state of FLOW.

Clearing away past ideas of unworthiness and whatever BS story you told yourself about WHY you can’t have more and be in FLOW - so that everyday gets to feel like you woke up on the right side of the bed.

Integrating the SACRAL MAGIC that makes you magnetic and potent AF.

Because whoever said you can’t have it all - LIED!

And it’s time you start living it - sooner rather than later.

FLOW early bird pricing $777 ends 7/7

First 2 baddies to sign up get a private EFT TAPPING session with me 💦♥️🧲

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