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Woman with Boundaries

A women without boundaries and standards struggle to make decisions because she FEARS making the WRONG choice.

And life (childhood specially) taught her there are consequences for making the “wrong” choice and you must get it right on the first try or you cannot try again.

Life taught you to fear change.

Change isn’t scary.

Change is unfamiliar - unknown

And that’s the real fear but if you just decide moving forward is safe and abundant - you have nothing to fear.

And as you move into uncharted waters - you move with the ebbs and flows of the rivers because you know you’re going where you desire.

You are craving a juicy life and things have to change to get there.

As shit falls away - you gotta sit with it.

You gotta wash it away and step into your power.

Stop running from pain (insecurities and childhood trauma) and witness it - so you can move into ease and pleasure.

BOUNDARIES BITCH 6 month mentorship

All access pass to somatic movement and energetic practices to bring you back HOME to safety and expansion in your body and life.

Safety to express yourself.

Safety to feel vulnerable.

Safety to stand in your power.

Safety to feel PLEASURE.

Harnessing that sacred feminine energy to create a life with higher standards.

Feminine energy is receiving energy and you can’t be feminine if you don’t feel safe. That’s where these somatic practices come in - EFT TAPPING, Breathwork and sensual movement.

Getting you out of hustle (masculine) energy and into feminine safety and vulnerability.

BOUNDARIES BITCH early bird pricing $7,777 ends on 3/4 (my bday).

DM to apply

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